ARPFarm products are a range of innovative and revolutionary and are composed of 100% natural ingredients. Capsules containing rare herbs, a large part of finding ingredients Siberia region is only given specific temperature zone, or in the mountains of northeast China (such as Panax ginseng, plant appreciated for over 7000 years for its medicinal effects). These are combined in a formula that yields a unique supplement no contraindications and no side effects.

Products by their natural are beneficial entire body, and helps improve tone. 95% of women undergo these treatments have found excellent results (hence the spread of products in different ways).


With only the Romanian market and beyond (ARPFarm is unique importer in 20 European countries), our company works directly with the manufacturer in China, and storing products in a store private property (800 m²). This is an advantage, given that buying and selling are no intermediaries. The company also owns IBA opinions that aloww marketing of products within Europe.

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